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Who is Anni Keenan?

Who is Anni Keenan?

2009 May 23
by Sara Churchill

Last week we had around 1,500 searches for a girl named Anni K and Anni Keenan in our search box. Anni is not an editor for and we have not done any articles on girls named Anni K.

Seems like she makes youtube videos and has fun with her friends under the name annieandlinds. Anni has a pretty spectacular body that is driving people crazy all around the internet.

1. “sometimes girls develop physically before mentally” – i find it very disrespectful that your pretty much calling her dumb.

2. “She makes these videos and lashes out for attention because its the only way she knows how to build self-confidence and deal with the attention her big boobs get.”-how do you know? when i watch her videos all it looks like is that the young just wants to have fun and not for attention. (i don’t think she wants this attention,some freak must of found her pics and posted them on the web).

3. “Anni does not understand how beautiful and rare her big boobs are.”- you make it sound like you can read her mind or something.and big breasts the size of hers aren’t really that rare.

4. “Those videos and her responses to the comments people post are clear examples that Anni Keenan suffers from obvious mood disorders.” – again,how do you know?? you can’t judge just by what we’ve seen in her vids and pics.

5. “Sadly she is missing out on numerous chances to cash in on her beautiful body. She could be spending time helping other girls like herself.” – has it occured to you that maybe she has dreams and goals she wants to accomplish? or talents she wants to use to make a career? (no people, boobs are not talent) and not just shed her clothes in front of a camera like the stereotypical busty girl?

6. “Anni is gaining weight and getting older. Wrinkles are starting to form around her eyes and they are dark and blood-shot in the recent videos.” -are you kidding me? annie has NO wrinkles,annie does NOT at all seem like shes gaining weight, and her eyes are NOT blood shot! stop making sound like she has to be perfect!.

7. “Women do not stay youthfull for long and I hope Anni is able to make use of the gifts God has granted her. Anni is running out of time.” – like i said on number 5 nobody is perfect and just because she has big breasts does not mean she entitled to do modeling.

On this Annie Keenan and her extra large breast..

I notice that there people saying nice things about her and bad things about her.I don’t her but speaking for myself,being a teenager with ever growing breast was very hard.She makes these videos and lashes out for attention because its the only way she knows how to build self-confidence and deal with the attention her big boobs get.
I got into modeling for the money,for fun,to desired or loved or build my confidence.I did the acting thing,too for similar reasons.
Not all modeling is in nude,nor does every young busty girls model, or strippers .And sorry guys and girls-some of us,get tired of,just some actors drop out of the business.

I don't who this Annie Keenan is but I might understand what she is going through.I've people say similar thing about over the years-kind things and very unkind things.People thinking I was pregnant at age 16.People thinking I was a dirty whore showing myself,when it was an accident.People saying ''Oh blond-big breast-got to be draft right away.

Tina Small

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