Monday, June 7, 2010

Tina Small Chronicles Fling 94

hi.welcome to Tina Small Chronicles-the blog about the lovely,incoparable British girl with that 84 inche bust,full lips,big eyes and sexy long blonde hair.No annonimous rubbish posts allows.Enjoy.
Titanic Tina
In Fling 94,we published a set of snapshots which one of our Canadian readers sent to us.They were of an English maiden named Tina.And Tina Small something else again.There simply aren't enough superlatives adequate to describe her.
The respond to the pictures of Tina Small was as astounding as the pictures themselves.Fling received hundreds of letters from all over the world.Our readers couldn't believe their eyes and some still don't to this day.Every single one of them wanted to see more photos of Tina.And could we blame them ?
Well,were working on it.In fact,Fling is currently renegotiating with the English photographer John Xavier for an entirely new set of pictures of this fantastically proportioned lady.In the meantime.we were able to obtain the photos on the left of some younger Tina pictures taken years before.We couldn't wait to share them with you.
Fling actually knows very little about Tina at this point.But we do know her measurements-are you ready for them ? 81-23-35.Tina,we imagine has got to be the biggest chested model to appear on the pages of Fling in it's 23 year history.She's even bigger than Chesty Morgan.That's quite an accomplishment,to say the lease.
The question is--is Tina Small for real? Or could she possibly be the figment of some photographer's imaginative retouching abilities ?Well,were not making any categorical statements,because we don't know.Wish others learned to do the same,instead of blowing grandiose statements about Tina Small faker without proof.For now,we'll leave that question up to you,our readers.But we'll be back with more of Tina Small just soon as we can.We're as anxious to see her again as you are.

This follows me around the internet.

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