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Tina Small

TINA SMALL Titanic Tina 84GG 


TINA SMALL Titanic Tina 84GG BUST TORRENTS Great Usage Statistics. Great Usage Statistics let s keep them here before it s going down: Usage Statistics for Summary Info zu Tina Small und titanic: Pictures BlogDot Thema 2010 Great Usage Statistics Period Summary Entertainment Maveric Thursday TORRENTS Pictures. Related topics on Thursday 24th of June 2010. Maveric Entertainment Group: October 2007 Tina Small made three soft core movies mostly episode of The Girl From Planet X.

To my Dear Freinds,
 I confess that my when my freind,John Xavier first asked me to pose for photographs,I was of two minds.I truly needed the money to pay for my dear Muns doctor and for the daily expenses,but I was reluctant to exploit my body in any crass commercial way.
 But when I saw the results of Johns first photographing session,I was delighted.Everything was done with a sence of dignity and artistic beauty-but with a light touch and sence of fun.
 When the first of these pictures were made,I began receiving many letters from the new freinds that John photographs had made for me.The letters came not only from Britain and America,but from continent,from Australia and from countries I amit I never knew outside my postcard collection.
 i spend many of my spare hours answering these letters.While some of the questions they ask get a bit intimate,they are almost without exception sincere and show a sympathetic understanding of my situation and a genuine interest in me as a person.
 I wish I could answer them all,but what with taking care of Mum and running the household,there are simply not enough hours in the day.Still I hope that all my ''pen freinds''--and all the new freinds I shall make through this book-will write to me,because hearing from you is one of the pleasures I receive from modelling.
                                                Yours true freind.
                                                    Tina xxx

Tina Small bird costume

Titanic Tina also known as Tina Small – she is blonde-haired woman with the 84GG bust. Titanic Tina aka Tina Small, inspired many other adult film stars and left a legendary mark in the business. Tina Small blonde-haired person with very big breast,has since dissappeared from the business since around 1990. Tina Small-the face that launched a thousand websites.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Big Tina Small Convention

The Big Tina Small Convention
Here's a bit of oddness.

I found something someone mentioned on the net and it reminded of how I felt about back then.It was supposed to the worlds first Tina Small Convention or was it The Tina Small Appreciation League Convention .I can't remember which,since it was way back in 1985 or 1986 or about then.Anyway,my American Fanclub members,thought this up.They wan...ted me to be the Special Guest of Honor.You'd figure,I should appear like William Shatner or Leonard Nemoy might at some Star Trek Convention.But I didn't.Being in a room full of horny men,especially ones I didn't scared the hell out of me.They ask and I said certainly no.Fact is,first off,I wasn't to spend money and time to go to some strange hotel,somewhere the States.Let along spend it a bunch of men,who all looked me,as their sexual object of desires.What was I too do,sit up on a stange,dress scantally,with full cleavage in veiw and a skimpy Sheena of the Jungle dress,with guys eyes nearly popping out of their head and boners in their pants ?
Oddly as well,they wanted to display one of my old bra's ,I assume like they a model of the Star Ship Enterprise from Star Trek,within a plaxiglass display and riffle it off to some lucky winner.I do not understand what someone would wish to do my old brassieres,other than  wear them,as a transvestite sort of thing or find a woman,who might fit into it.Lots a luck,guys.Today,you might find a dozen strippers,who might be able to get into it,but not back in the 1980.I just felt whole was absurd.Me in a room of sweatty,nervious guys,asking ''Are the real Tina ?''. Yes.''Can I touch them?'' No.''Wanna date ?'' Yes,June 4Th,1942.I might have ended up it like Little Annie Fanny,half naked with guy chasing around the convention floor,with Benny Hill music playing in the background.

As a fan recently reminded me''I can picture you, after a few questions responding as William Shatner did in that famous SNL sketch, 'Guys, get a life, wouldja"?''
Guys, you get a life, wouldja". Yes,a girl wonders.I have nothing against big breast.Heavens no,I made modelling career on it,until it got tiring and too much work,for poor back to stand.But somethings you wonder if the guys are dence.I love big peters,but sometimes you got see beyond it.Would you like if I kept on asking ''Hey,guys-how big is it ?''.''Is it long enough ?''
Anyway,I hear it never happened.I don't know why ?Maybe because I didn't show or was it because I wasn't about to donate my clothing to the event,I don't know.I guess,all so,what one may do in the privacy of ones home,isn't the same as one would happen to wish to do in public.Selling pictures,drawing cartoons and writting fan fiction about me,was one thing and destributing around the world,but all coming together to meet me,in the flesh,was another.Besides,I've guys get all tongue tide around a sexy woman.
But ofcourse,this only make certain people,like Breast Obssessed think I'm all fake.Well,if so,then we would had to fake it all for over ten years.Pretty good trick.Ofcourse,the truth,can also be faked ten years,as well.Whatever you wish to believe is up you.Some people believe cropcircles and ufo's,too.

.Do you a whole room of men,trying to talk to me,would more a bit nervious on both sides ?I've met men,who see me and try to pick me up,then fumble around trying to be all clever and dashing,not trying to stair at my big boobies and legs.I just don’t there would be many sexy ,well hung hunks their,Don’t think so anyway.My privacy is important and as I remember,this whole thing was just someones bad idea.
Tina Small
Ps.If anyone wishes recreate what the Tina Small Convention might looked ,please go right ahead.Those pictures I like,will put up here and yonder.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Biggest Boobs on Earth

Biggest Boobs on Earth

Boobonic Plague: The 6 Bustiest Females in the World

Boobonic Plague: The 6 Bustiest Females in the World
Jan 29th, 2009 by admin
“Go big or go home” is a mantra that doesn’t necessarily apply to responsible plastic surgery. In a recent online quest to track down the largest pair of implants on record, I descended into a fascinating and terrifying journey through set after set of boobs that could dwarf a prize winning watermelon and crush a tin can under their monstrous girth. For better or for worse, here are the record holders for the largest breasts in the world, as well as a few other noteworthy entries.
Largest (Fake) Breasts
With each one weighing in at a staggering 20 lbs, Maxi Mounds and her 36 MMM bust hold the distinction of the largest surgically enhanced breasts in the world. Just to put that in perspective, here is a short list of things weighing in at approximately 20 pounds:
An X-Box 360 (17 lbs)
A one-year-old child (+/- 20 lbs)
And her chest as a whole outweighs a 37 inch LCD TV
In case you’re wondering what Maxi looked like prior to her record breaking surgeries, here is a picture:
Biggest Natural Breasts
Norma Stitz holds the Guinness World Record for largest natural breasts with a mind-boggling pair of ZZZs. Surprisingly, Norma Stitz was not her original name, but rather something she adopted later in life to cleverly reflect her god-given talents. She currently runs a website featuring some highly inappropriate content from both her and a number of other very large breasted women. [Mind-numbingly NSFW]
Honorable Mentions
In 1996, Lolo Ferrari was listed in the French Guinness Book of World Records and was later featured in the American version in 2003, three years after her death. Having undergone a then record 22 enlargements, Lolo’s bust was measured at 71 inches.
Argentinian model Sabrina Sabrok has been in hot pursuit of the record for largest breast implants. In 2006 she announced that she was going to be undergoing yet another breast augmentation, with her new implants weighing 5 kilograms each. She stated that her goal was to achieve a size of 42 XXX.
Born in Somerset, England, Tina Small suffered from juvenile gigantomastia, which she claims resulted in her enormous 84 GG breasts. Although the legitimacy of both the affliction and claim that her breasts were “all natural” seems to be widely contested, she was undeniably one of the most well-known “big bust” models of the 1980s.
Although boasting a breast size of 153 XXX on her website, Chelsea has never been officially measured for the Guinness World Record. However, if her listed stats of over 25 lbs per breast are indeed accurate, she would be a potential competitor for Maxi Mounds’ spot in the record books.


Born in Somerset, England, Tina Small

Born in Somerset, England, Tina Small suffered from juvenile gigantomastia, which she claims resulted in her enormous 84 GG breasts. Although the legitimacy of both the affliction and claim that her breasts were “all natural” seems to be widely contested, she was undeniably one of the most well-known “big bust” models of the 1980s.
Widely contest by people,who don't know what they are talking about.
Tina Small

Chelsea Charms

The US model, who has named her breasts Itsy and Bitsy, told the show's bewildered hosts Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford that she loves the attention her massive chest brings her.
The 35-year-old explained how she'd increased her bosom from a D cup with a series of operations including a now banned procedure called polypropylene breast implants.
The 5ft 2ins blonde told the pair how her breasts, which weigh around 26lbs each, are still growing.
And she thinks she might own the world's biggest boobs but explained she doesn't hold the record because they've never been officially measured.
She denied her massive breasts gave her back ache because she did a series of back exercises to build up her muscles.
She said: "I didn't plan on going this big that just happened on its own. I wanted to be big when I decided in the States that I wanted to be a feature dancer.
Tight squeeze ... This Morning's production staff try to get past Chelsea
"A feature dance in layman's terms is a professional exotic dancer. You've still got agents and things like that."
The stripper explained she wasn't always a fan of her boobs, thinking they were too big while she was at school.
"I developed early I had my D cups all through High School and in those years I covered up and was self-conscious about them being big," she explained. "It was until out of high school I learned how to appreciate curves."
Top-heavy Chelsea admitted that she sometimes struggled in small spaces - particularly planes' toilets.
Eye-catching ... Phillip Schofield said he had trouble stopping himself staring at Chelsea Charm's breasts
And other everyday activities can be a problem with such a massive chest.
She said: "Eating is a problem because I have to sit so far from my food."
Even though she knows she'll have to reduce her breasts one day, Chelsea said she'll always want to be busty.
She said: "Obviously I can't have them forever so I will reduce eventually but I don't think I could go down to a D cup." Or down her 164 XXX,would if real make as big as those  Women.Also Chelsea seems having a hard time remembering her bust size.First 156 XXX,then 161MMM and 164XXX.
Is it 164 or just 64 ?

Chelsea Charms had breasts enlarged by a now illegal procedure in which polypropylene string was implanted into each breast!

This Morning is at the centre of controversy after the show played host to a woman claiming the world’s largest breasts at a massive 164XXX. Chelsea Charms appearance on the British show with stars Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford sparked almost 4,000 comments on the This Morning Facebook page.
More pics…just click:

I couldn’t resist this one!
DM- Daytime viewers were left horrified as to why an exotic dancer and stripper more suited to a late night post-watershed show was a guest on the pre-lunchtime magazine show – with the possibility of children watching.
The hosts quizzed the surgically enhanced model about why she had chosen to have chest boosted to such a drastic degree.
One woman writing on the show’s Facebook page said: ‘It looks horrible, my kid was like ewwww.’
Chelsea Charms also immediately started trending on Twitter, with viewer Ben Harlock summing the mood of many: ‘Just seen Chelsea Charms on This Morning…WHY?
Another Twitterer Heidi Love wrote: ‘Chelsea Charms is deluded…and disgusting.’
However, some viewers were entertained – if somewhat shocked by her appearance – and Ofcom have yet to receive any complaints. 
ITV meanwhile has yet to explain why Chelsea was chosen as a guest other than for pure titillation.
Phillip Scofield posted up a picture of himself with Chelsea after the interview and said simply: ‘Good grief!! :)
He had written earlier to his 762,000 followers: ‘The lady with the mahooooosive boobs has arrived! Everyone trying to keep their eyes up …. and failing.’
Originally from Minneapolis, 35-year-old Chelsea had her breasts enlarged by means of a now illegal procedure in which polypropylene string was implanted into each breast.
he material irritates the breast lining, creating a serum which enlarges the breasts, a process which could continue indefinitely.
Chelsea has added she would eventually have her breasts reduced and the polypropylene removed.
But at present they are still growing at a rate of one inch a month.
Chelsea explained to a shocked Ruth and Phillip: ‘Most of the other girls who have had this procedure have stopped at some point so I’m just waiting for that to happen.’
Although ‘Itsy and Bitsy’, as she calls them, have made her a comfortable living as an exotic dancer and porn star, she explained they can make daily life difficult.
She revealed she had trouble eating, she has to sleep on her back and she struggles to fit into aeroplane toilets.
She also has to perform regular exercises to be able to support the breasts, which each weigh about the same as two large watermelons.
Chelsea has yet to have them officially measured and Maxi Mounds is currently holds the Guinness Record for having the world’s biggest breasts.
Phillip mused: ‘Looking at the two of you together -  you look bigger than her, so why haven’t you gone for the official recognition?’
Chelsea replied: ‘They haven’t called!’
thats because Guinness is full of crap.
So firstly here is Mandy Mountjoy, whom I believe shared her unreal figure with the lovely Cindy Fulsom. Still, I'd kill for nipples like that...

In shittier news, My internet is crappy is making it impossible to upload so until I move to better service this might be a lot of pics and vids. I'll still update as much as I can so let me know what you want to see!