Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tina Small is real

Tina Small is fake, this is real. Real big boobs are pendulous and not angled at 90 degrees to the body. Open your eyes. I remember Tina Small, where can I find that magazine?

I get this kind of thing all over the web.There is one or two idiots posting the same stuff over and over.And as I said before some,this guys a stalker,who is angery at me,because I rejected his love.I didn't hop on a bus and plane to visit him in his country,and let me tittie frack me all night.Now he spends every momment saying stuff I'm fake.I'm just another version of my imatation Zena Fulsom."Virginal Breast Hypertrophy",is real .

Hypertrophy can affect breasts equally but usually affects one breast more than the other, causing asymmetry, in which one breast becomes substantially larger than the other. The condition can also individually affect the nipples and areola instead of or in addition to the entire breast. The effect can produce a minor size variation to an extremely large breast asymmetry. Breast hypertrophy is classified in one of five ways: as either pubertal (virginal hypertrophy), gestational (gravid macromastia), in adult women without any obvious cause, associated with penicillamine therapy, and associated with extreme obesity.[1] The underlying cause of the rapidly growing breast connective tissue, resulting in gigantic proportions, is thought to be a heightened sensitivity to female hormones prolactin, estrogen and progesterone.

When Gigantomastia occurs in young women during puberty, the medical condition is known as juvenile macromastia or juvenile gigantomastia and sometimes as Virginal breast hypertrophy. Along with the excessive breast size, other symptoms include red, itchy lesions and pain in the breasts. A diagnosis is made when an adolescent's breasts grow rapidly and achieve great weight usually soon after the her first menstrual period. Some doctors suggest that breast development occurs before onset of menstruation.[4]

Some women with Virginal breast hypertrophy experience breast growth at a constant rate for several years, but the breasts rapidly develop, exceeding normal growth. Some adolescent females experience minimal or negligible breast growth until their breasts suddenly grow very rapidly in a short period of time. This causes great physical discomfort. Women suffering VBH often experience an excessive growth of their nipples. In severe cases of VBH, hypertrophy of the clitoris occurs.

At the onset of puberty, some females with who have experienced little or no breast development can grow three or more cup sizes within a few days
but what this hound calls a gift from the almighty, I eventually developed breasts the likes of which hadn't been witnessed on God's green earth. Raised by her mother, abandoned by her father at an early age, and the constant focus of attention by anyone with a pair of eyes.I led a difficult and tumultuous life. It was upon meeting John Xavier, a photographer, that I was convinced to pose nude. What followed was nothing short of a sensation in the big boob circles. My first photo book, Every Inch A Lady, published by Fling, hit the streets with a vengence. Ever since, the controversy has raged as to whether Tina Small extraordinary boobs were fake, or the product of a rare medical condition or it appears. Not long after publishing a couple more photo books, releasing a rather psycodelic video, and writing a short book called Big Girls Don't Cry,which I personally wrote and wasn't ghosted by a man came out later. I dissappeared from the scene never to be heard from again,for my own reasons,not we faked anything.Certain crazy people want to see conspiracies in everything from the president getting shot,to landing on the moon,the holocauste,or the 911 World Trade Center Crisis in New York.They rather believe Fly Saucers,than the achievement of humans and a secret international kabal of secret organization,controlling things behind the scenes.The world isn't a random series of events,but controlled by evil men and only they know the truth.I was faked to trick them-fool them and now they know the truth,without one shred of evidence-using hear say imformation and poor scientific facts to back their arguements.I don't about this Zena or Cindy Fulsom,nor Mandy Mountjoy or whomever,but I was real-rather I am real.I'm retired for personal reasons.I'm 50 now and don't feel like returning to a profession better for a twenty year old woman.I don't know if I trust anyone anyway,the way I trusted John Xavier,who in the end betrayed me,for his personal reasons,which I won't go into here.If you wish not to believe that,then I feel sorry for you.Thats your opinion and thats all it is-an opinion.
Many thanks

Tina Small

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