Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monica Smith

Gender: Female
Birthday: 05 February 1986
Relationship Status: Single
Interested in: Women
Looking for: Friendship
A relationship
Bio I come from a family of VERY well endowed women and im no exception. Im actually the biggest and still getting bigger due to my VBH. The huge ass is just my thing because no one else in my family has one. Ever since I was diagnosed with VBH Ive been fascinated watching my breasts grow to huge proportions. Now I just want to see how big they can possibly get. Wish me luck!

Dear Freinds
I found on Facebook.Actually,I found the same picture somewhere on Facebook or My Space I believe.She states she was born in 1986 and minus 2010,would make around 23 or 24.

I don't think it works like this.It didn't for me anyway.By the time your 18 or 19,you stop developing your bust.The only other reason,she could grow bigger is poor dietting or having a baby.Maybe this the case.but I believe,although 100 %,with fake.I just dosen't look right.

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