Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Big Tina Small Convention

The Big Tina Small Convention
Here's a bit of oddness.

I found something someone mentioned on the net and it reminded of how I felt about back then.It was supposed to the worlds first Tina Small Convention or was it The Tina Small Appreciation League Convention .I can't remember which,since it was way back in 1985 or 1986 or about then.Anyway,my American Fanclub members,thought this up.They wan...ted me to be the Special Guest of Honor.You'd figure,I should appear like William Shatner or Leonard Nemoy might at some Star Trek Convention.But I didn't.Being in a room full of horny men,especially ones I didn't scared the hell out of me.They ask and I said certainly no.Fact is,first off,I wasn't to spend money and time to go to some strange hotel,somewhere the States.Let along spend it a bunch of men,who all looked me,as their sexual object of desires.What was I too do,sit up on a stange,dress scantally,with full cleavage in veiw and a skimpy Sheena of the Jungle dress,with guys eyes nearly popping out of their head and boners in their pants ?

Oddly as well,they wanted to display one of my old bra's ,I assume like they a model of the Star Ship Enterprise from Star Trek,within a plaxiglass display and riffle it off to some lucky winner.I do not understand what someone would wish to do my old brassieres,other than wear them,as a transvestite sort of thing or find a woman,who might fit into it.Lots a luck,guys.Today,you might find a dozen strippers,who might be able to get into it,but not back in the 1980.I just felt whole was absurd.Me in a room of sweatty,nervious guys,asking ''Are the real Tina ?''. Yes.''Can I touch them?'' No.''Wanna date ?'' Yes,June 4Th,1942.I might have ended up it like Little Annie Fanny,half naked with guy chasing around the convention floor,with Benny Hill music playing in the background.

As a fan recently reminded me''I can picture you, after a few questions responding as William Shatner did in that famous SNL sketch, 'Guys, get a life, wouldja"?''
Guys, you get a life, wouldja". Yes,a girl wonders.I have nothing against big breast.Heavens no,I made modelling career on it,until it got tiring and too much work,for poor back to stand.But somethings you wonder if the guys are dence.I love big peters,but sometimes you got see beyond it.Would you like if I kept on asking ''Hey,guys-how big is it ?''.''Is it long enough ?''

Anyway,I hear it never happened.I don't know why ?Maybe because I didn't show or was it because I wasn't about to donate my clothing to the event,I don't know.I guess,all so,what one may do in the privacy of ones home,isn't the same as one would happen to wish to do in public.Selling pictures,drawing cartoons and writting fan fiction about me,was one thing and destributing around the world,but all coming together to meet me,in the flesh,was another.Besides,I've guys get all tongue tide around a sexy woman .Do you a whole room of men,trying to talk to me,would more a bit nervious on both sides ?I've met men,who see me and try to pick me up,then fumble around trying to be all clever and dashing,not trying to stair at my big boobies and legs.I just don’t there would be many sexy ,well hung hunks their,Don’t think so anyway.My privacy is important and as I remember,this whole thing was just someones bad idea.
Tina Small
Ps.If anyone wishes recreate what the Tina Small Convention might looked ,please go right ahead.Those pictures I like,will put up here and yonder.

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