Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am Tina Small

I am Tina Small
I am Tina Small-the British Model with that amazing 84 inch bust
line,seen in magazines,film and newspapers in the 1980’s-not the 1970’s.

I’m shy,but sexy, British gal, who suffers from the rare condition
Virginal Breast Hypertrophy pretty much says it when it comes to my proportions.I’m just a normal gal,with very big boobs. Measuring 84-22-34 certainly puts up there in the extreme bust sizes. And if that's too hard for you to believe nothing I can say or show you will convince you ever.
This what one person put online. In the book, Human Oddities by Melvin La Biggzepplins, there is a topless photo of a woman with 44-pound breasts measuring 33 inches in circumference. These are possibly the largest breasts the world has ever seen-well not enhanced by surgery anyway. However in modern times the world's largest breasts belong to the Legendary Tina Small who takes a size 84WW Bra. Tina Small holds the Guinness world record for having the biggest tits in the world. She would create chaos walking down the street in that dress. I'd spurt on sight! This woman is HOT I could get lost in those boobs. Her breasts are so big they should have their own zip code. Tina Small’s tits are so big, they should have there own atmosphere. Although somewhat flattering that find me, attractive, I also know that’s how they look at and others like-just a pair of really big boobs,with a sexy blond attached.

I never appeared in Score magazine, but Fling magazine. John Xavier discovered on a train and became a close friend and my personal photographer. Nor did John Xavier found Score as I just found listed somewhere erroneously on the web. John Xavier was my photographer and that was about it, girls and guys. Nor am I to be confused with Zena or Cindy Fulsom, Vicki Little, Melanie Tipps or Maria Biggs. I obviously inspired both the Adventures of Babs-otherwise known as the Adventures of Dolly-D Cupps, the Adventures of Agent 84 and the Adventures of Megga Glanz handled by various people over the years-R.Granville Evans.
I wrote my own autobiography ‘’Big Girls Don’t Cry.’’ And it was,just certain names were changed to protect the guilty.
. I’m a Buddhist. I love books-especial science fiction, mysteries, science, comics and such. I prefer kind, honest men, good-looking-hopefully well endowed like me, who love animals and children. I enjoy my privacy and bothers you, then that’s your business.

You want work some far fetched conspiracy, then do right ahead. I know there are who be disappointed not hear that John Xavier didn’t hire an army of Tina Small’s with fake big breasts and various blond wigs-noses and something on other to take pictures or make movies, all using the alias of Christina Jane Small-Tina Small. But I can’t stop you, but please get my facts myself right, before post anything up. otherwise you’re a rude, crude jerk. The might be as simple as the simple facts and that’s about it. Oswald shot Kennedy by himself. Roswells a balloon crash with dummies or something.We landed on the moon.And I’m who I say I am.Simple as that. Isabelle Lanthier, Norma Stitz, and others are all very big gals. They are out there and so am I.
The End.
Tina Small


  1. Your writings are an inspiration like when you stated: "We are not separate from the Universe, we are it."

    While I'm not a Buddhist myself I will certainly use Buddhist terms myself as in baraka bashad so. . .

    Baraka Bashad

  2. I was stationed in England from 1977 to 1989. Loved it so much...very fond memories. I wish Tina would tell me if she's been outside the UK and about where she's been. And what she does these days (typical daily routine). I do remember "ta" but I don't remember what it meant. I'm assuming thank you.

  3. me too,but getting facts from Tina can be impossible.