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Tina Small

TINA SMALL Titanic Tina 84GG 


TINA SMALL Titanic Tina 84GG BUST TORRENTS Great Usage Statistics. Great Usage Statistics let s keep them here before it s going down: Usage Statistics for Summary Info zu Tina Small und titanic: Pictures BlogDot Thema 2010 Great Usage Statistics Period Summary Entertainment Maveric Thursday TORRENTS Pictures. Related topics on Thursday 24th of June 2010. Maveric Entertainment Group: October 2007 Tina Small made three soft core movies mostly episode of The Girl From Planet X.

To my Dear Freinds,
 I confess that my when my freind,John Xavier first asked me to pose for photographs,I was of two minds.I truly needed the money to pay for my dear Muns doctor and for the daily expenses,but I was reluctant to exploit my body in any crass commercial way.
 But when I saw the results of Johns first photographing session,I was delighted.Everything was done with a sence of dignity and artistic beauty-but with a light touch and sence of fun.
 When the first of these pictures were made,I began receiving many letters from the new freinds that John photographs had made for me.The letters came not only from Britain and America,but from continent,from Australia and from countries I amit I never knew outside my postcard collection.
 i spend many of my spare hours answering these letters.While some of the questions they ask get a bit intimate,they are almost without exception sincere and show a sympathetic understanding of my situation and a genuine interest in me as a person.
 I wish I could answer them all,but what with taking care of Mum and running the household,there are simply not enough hours in the day.Still I hope that all my ''pen freinds''--and all the new freinds I shall make through this book-will write to me,because hearing from you is one of the pleasures I receive from modelling.
                                                Yours true freind.
                                                    Tina xxx

Tina Small bird costume

Titanic Tina also known as Tina Small – she is blonde-haired woman with the 84GG bust. Titanic Tina aka Tina Small, inspired many other adult film stars and left a legendary mark in the business. Tina Small blonde-haired person with very big breast,has since dissappeared from the business since around 1990. Tina Small-the face that launched a thousand websites.

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