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Boobonic Plague: The 6 Bustiest Females in the World

Boobonic Plague: The 6 Bustiest Females in the World
Jan 29th, 2009 by admin
“Go big or go home” is a mantra that doesn’t necessarily apply to responsible plastic surgery. In a recent online quest to track down the largest pair of implants on record, I descended into a fascinating and terrifying journey through set after set of boobs that could dwarf a prize winning watermelon and crush a tin can under their monstrous girth. For better or for worse, here are the record holders for the largest breasts in the world, as well as a few other noteworthy entries.
Largest (Fake) Breasts
With each one weighing in at a staggering 20 lbs, Maxi Mounds and her 36 MMM bust hold the distinction of the largest surgically enhanced breasts in the world. Just to put that in perspective, here is a short list of things weighing in at approximately 20 pounds:
An X-Box 360 (17 lbs)
A one-year-old child (+/- 20 lbs)
And her chest as a whole outweighs a 37 inch LCD TV
In case you’re wondering what Maxi looked like prior to her record breaking surgeries, here is a picture:
Biggest Natural Breasts
Norma Stitz holds the Guinness World Record for largest natural breasts with a mind-boggling pair of ZZZs. Surprisingly, Norma Stitz was not her original name, but rather something she adopted later in life to cleverly reflect her god-given talents. She currently runs a website featuring some highly inappropriate content from both her and a number of other very large breasted women. [Mind-numbingly NSFW]
Honorable Mentions
In 1996, Lolo Ferrari was listed in the French Guinness Book of World Records and was later featured in the American version in 2003, three years after her death. Having undergone a then record 22 enlargements, Lolo’s bust was measured at 71 inches.
Argentinian model Sabrina Sabrok has been in hot pursuit of the record for largest breast implants. In 2006 she announced that she was going to be undergoing yet another breast augmentation, with her new implants weighing 5 kilograms each. She stated that her goal was to achieve a size of 42 XXX.
Born in Somerset, England, Tina Small suffered from juvenile gigantomastia, which she claims resulted in her enormous 84 GG breasts. Although the legitimacy of both the affliction and claim that her breasts were “all natural” seems to be widely contested, she was undeniably one of the most well-known “big bust” models of the 1980s.
Although boasting a breast size of 153 XXX on her website, Chelsea has never been officially measured for the Guinness World Record. However, if her listed stats of over 25 lbs per breast are indeed accurate, she would be a potential competitor for Maxi Mounds’ spot in the record books.


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